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Fiona Ling

Jaclyn is an inspiring and caring yoga teacher. 


I have never been a 'sports' person because of low blood pressure. I have started to love, learn & understand yoga more and more through her teaching! Jac's teaching has completely transformed my yoga practice for the better, my body awareness change gradually.


She made us feel at ease and practice comfortably, i love spending the class focusing on myself and experiencing each pose within my own limitations. She always remind us that : "forcing yourself into a yoga pose is never a good thing." (I keep in my mind). And she will always explain the benefits of each yoga poses, carefully guide, observe and modify our postures if necessary.


I really enjoyed her yoga class! What are you waiting for?



Ti Lian Seng

I can't emphasize enough how meritorious Jaclyn's teaching has been, especially since this is my first engagement inYoga and i have no idea on the expectations at the beginning. So, not only I am getting amazing workouts, ispirational quotes and guidance on diet and nutrition but I have somewhat a balanced lifestyle as I can focus on my work and other activities much efficiently.


Jaclyn's knowledge is vast and her enthusiasm for Yoga is phenomenal.


When she is kind, she is really good. And when she is difficult, she is even better!



Caris Wong

现在我在Jaclyn Yoga 学了短短的八个月,在Jaclyn 导师专业和细心的指导下,更有明显的进步。
'Jaclyn Yoga' 有妳真好!谢谢!



Agnes Tan

I have been in yoga for almost 4 years until I attended Jaclyn's yoga lessons 8 months ago then I noticed that I have a lot of yoga postures that are not in proper. Jaclyn is a very knowledgeable, patient and caring yoga teacher who will teach you from a very basic and correct posture to enable you to go for further. I really enjoyed and appreciated the effort she put in during the class. Furthermore, I strongly recommended whoever wants to know further about yoga to attend her lesson.


Lee Kwong Hong

I’m fortunate to be Yoga student of Jaclyn who provides precise instruction allowing us to reach deeper level of understanding of each posture. She demonstrates the importance of breathing methods during our class and always teach with mindfulness. I’m happy and relax after every session and highly recommended Jaclyn to those who wants to learn yoga. Now, I am more flexible and improve the movement ability and stamina in every other sports.



Kevin Soh

I have tried several yoga classes and I stopped looking once I attended Jaclyn's lessons.  Jaclyn is a passionate teacher, always approachable and gives her utmost attention to her apprentices. Her lessons are a mix of yoga postures, breathing techniques and meditation which can be summed up as relaxing, challenging and fun! Through her lessons, I have experienced clear and tangible benefits both in building physical strength and flexibility, and calmness in dealing with day-to-day challenges. I truly recommend her lessons for those who wish to experience empowering and positive changes.


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