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Empowering Lives Through The Wisdom of Yoga

Your Unique Transformation - Your Metamorphosis

Everything in the universe is evolving, even the rocks. If there is metamorphosis in every part of creation, why shouldn't man's consciousness also undergo this state of metamorphosis? Transformation is a scientific fact. It is not a philosophy, faith or creed. It is the path of evolution and it gives meaning to life.


I believe that all beings in this world undergo metamorphosis in one way or another. Always in a state of transforming, changing and adapting. In the process of moving from one stage to another, there is often struggle, resistance, suffering and confusion but through mindfulness practice, we learn to embrace every situation as they are and enjoy every adventure along the way. Ultimately, we will find our unique self and live harmoniously and joyfully, moment by moment.

Peace Love Yoga, the name of my shala was created out of love for the people around me. It is a place for sharing, supporting and inspiring each other.

Practicing with us does not limit you to only learning asanas (yoga postures), not even just Hatha Yoga. In time, everyone here will understand and experience their own metamorphosis. It's what I call Peace, Love, Yoga.

May You Be Well

May You Be Happy 


Jaclyn Yoga

Founder of Fine Arts of Yoga

Creator of Peace. Love. Yoga

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