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Meditation Through Arts. Is it for Me?

Have you been wanting to learn meditation but noticed that you can't sit still, your shoulders hurts, your back is tired and the more you try to silence your mind the noisier it becomes? If you're experiencing these, then YES! meditation through arts is for you ๐Ÿ˜Šย 

What is Meditation Through Arts? It is a way to develop your meditation practice through the various branches of creative activity such as painting, music, literature, and dance. This meditation technique allows you to freely express your emotions, thoughts, feelings and ideas in a relaxed and non-judgmental way. Although your body is in motion, you are able to access a meditative state of mind by concentrating on the creative process. A meditative state is similar to a deep relaxation state and that is why we often feel relaxed after a dance or painting session. Back to Basics Before we explore the technique of using arts as tool, let's get back to some basics first. What is Meditation? Meditation can be defined as expansion of consciousness through mindfulness, awareness and compassion. It is a state where one is physically relaxed but mentally alert. In yogic meditation technique, meditation can be described as a state where one has achieved unity with the object or subject of meditation, the initial stage of enlightenment. If you're thinking that me